Experience the working world of tomorrow now: Future of Work in Industry – the conference!

The world is changing. New challenges are emerging daily as a result of advancing digitalisation and the associated effects on qualifications and organisation of work. “Industry 4.0” is raising manufacturing to a completely new level of productivity and flexibility with the intelligent use of IT systems and communication networks. In the past, the focus was mostly on plant and machinery and the networking of machines while the workers were marginalised. It is now both foreseeable and essential that the focus shifts increasingly onto the workers as digital transformation progresses. Integrated in the world’s leading industry trade fair, the HANNOVER MESSE, this is the starting point for the “Future of Work in Industry” conference. 

3 thematic strands, new impulses , your future!

Together with our partner IG Metall, we invite you to rethink the world of work under the motto "Discover the Future of Leadership, Skills and Tools in Smart Industries".

The focus will be on innovative solutions, exchanging experiences and networking in the community for one whole day. Managing directors, executives, decision-makers and human resource professionals will exchange ideas with like-minded people on the trends of Industry 4.0 and its effects on the working world of the future.

The three thematic threads of Leadership, Skills & Tools guide us through the issues arising when “Industry 4.0” encounters the working world of the future. High-calibre speakers, an extensive conference programme and experts from industry and academia guarantee networking on an equal footing!

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